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Having lived in England and New Zealand for over 15 year, I would be very happy to provide care in English if French is not your first language.  Following are the many services I offer as a member and through the association, that may be beneficial for you :

Individual care

Through the various proposed methods (individual care, group therapy, workshops, red tents, Blessingway ceremonies …), I accompany you throughout any particularly sensitive periods of your life. My focus is on your well-being, being attentive to your needs and your sensitivity at all time.

The benefits of a global ongoing support are limitless, here are some examples:

Get rid of your fears, your anxiety

Improve your relationships (family, emotional, professional …)

Regain your energy

Heal you and free you of any traumas (accidents, abuse …)

Change your negative behaviors in positive habits

Find your confidence and trust in you

Open your heart and your aspirations

Find peace of body and mind

Find your emotional stability

In touch with your true essence and find your life mission

Express who you really are

Create the life that you deeply yearn

Transform you inwardly

Learn to feed and maintain your energy of in your daily Life

Learn to be centered, grounded

Listen to your intuition

Contact me for more information or booking a consultation:

Email: histoiresdefemmes.net @ gmail.com

Or via 06 51 91 12 81

Other services

All the workshops and circles are at this present time run in French. I do know many English speakers who would be keen to participate in some in English, so if you are interested, please contact me and I will endeavor to find a group.

All the ceremonies are off course can be facilitated in English or in both languages.

µ       Circles and Workshops

Workshops planned during the year:

  • Being a Woman, get in connection with your femininity: interactive workshop around the Monique Grande’s card game Féminitude.

 µ      Workshops NaîtreOmonde

A Game about the birthing process: Giving Birth to you. NaîtreOmonde offers workshops for developing awareness on well-being through the process of birth to yourself and your children.

Workshop topics are deep, the setup is playful.  The purpose of the workshops is to stimulate the autonomous and responsible behavior that is within us. Everyone is invited to listen to its inner movement and release creativity.

  • 100% Wellness Workshops:

Two consecutive workshops are offered to:

  • Find balance and maintain your anchorage
  • Listen and identify your feelings and gain self-respect

100% Be born Workshops

Two consecutive workshops are offered to:

  • Build trust and confidence (through the process of pregnancy)
  • let go – Letting go (explore birth process)

100% Living Well Workshops

Two consecutive workshops are offered to:

  • Awaken consciousness. This touches the first few days, weeks after the baby arrives in the family
  • Being Present-The presence addresses the first years after birth

Group size: 6 to 8 people

Duration of workshops: 2h30

µ       Lunar workshops:

  • Red Moon (Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the menstrual cycle)
  • Lunar creative workshop (manufacture of objects related to our lunar cycle: Lunar dairy, doll, washable menstrual sanitary pads  … bring tissues, small objects, wool, yarn, all in red!)
  •  Féminitude (interactive workshop using the card game Féminitude from Monique Grande. Grande Monique takes us through our lunar cycle but also our life wife)

µ       Creative Workshops … because art therapy!

  • Jewelry workshop 11:00 to 12:30 (bring jewelery you want to recycle and any small object that can be used for jewelry making)
  • Mandalas workshop(drawing and coloring his own mandala)
  • lunar workshop (same as above)

µ       Parenting workshops:

  • Become a Mom: share your joys, but also anticipating difficulties, anxieties, fears … in a quiet, serene and all safeties.

This workshop will discuss briefly about the birth, but its focus is more in the experience of pregnancy and preparation for mothering.

  • Giving Birth: birth has become such a medical act that we forgot the essential: giving birth, the power to let our unborn child birth. This workshop will highlight the importance of this act and regain trust in this way of life so extraordinary.

  • Being Mother: mother with your heart and respect (the themes of non-violent communication, baby wearing all part of natural mothering  will be discussed)

  • Honor our daughters: Do you remember when your menstrual cycle started and you bled for the first time? Probably not, do you remember your reaction and your entourage’s? How do you support your / your daughters during this passage of life? By sharing our experiences, we will seek to honor the importance of this passage to womanhood.

  • The Non-Violent Communication: Use the communication with our children without violence, a simple and effective method to (re) establish healthy communication, bringing the respect, trust and individual development. This method is applicable to all of the other people around us (spouse, parents, friends, colleagues …)!


Blessingway Celebration

Celebrate the pregnancy, upcoming birth with your friends.

Treat yourself or your pregnant girlfriend, mother or sister!

Our Western world has lost many of these traditions that were actually there for an importance reason. The woman was celebrated at each passage of his life (puberty, marriage, pregnancy, menopause …), so these passages filled with emotions and questions experienced between women are mostly inexistent. The consciousness of being in a line of women and supported in its own history has also been hidden as a consequence.

The Blessingway is a Navajo tradition to celebrate the expectant mother and the unborn baby. It is a festival organized by women, for women, in the seventh month of pregnancy.

The Navajo have a say: « everything that happens here on Earth must first be dreamed. »

I propose to organize this festival, where different activities can be performed such as:

A “purification”: foot bath of the mother with flowers and plants, with a foot massage.

Each woman invited to this festival brings a pearl, in which she put a wish for the mother, the baby, and the community of women. We assemble and offer these pearls necklace or bracelet to the expected mom. She keeps it until delivery and during the birth; she will be surrounded by all those who wish to help find her strength.

It is a festival where you can sing, dance, meditate, and enjoy delicious food…. a special moment for women!

The Blessingway is organized as such:

  • Consultation with the mother to explain the purpose of the ceremony and understand her needs (half hour). If the organizer wants to keep the event secret, it would be preferable to ensure that this type of ceremony is in harmony with the needs or expectations of the mother. In this case, I provide support to the organizer.
  • Consultation with organizer friend of the mother to explain the course of the ceremony, acquire guest list, place the Blessingway (eg in my office, in nature or in one of the guests), this I would need for the day j. (1/2 hour)
  • D-day: my presence to facilitate the ceremony!

Duration of the ceremony: 2 to 3 hours, ideally between 14h 16h/17h and of course if I go you, the day can then continue without me.


Celebration of the first menses

Your daughter reaches the end of puberty. She has just gone through her first menses. This is an important moment in his life that deserves to be celebrated.

Give him a moment between friends to mark this change positively … she will be able to brings life.

It can also benefit from a personal interview with or without you where can be expressed:

Fears, expectations and implications…

Plant the right seed: it is not a curse but a change that will affect the body and cause it to grow. It is also a responsibility.

The organization of the celebration usually takes place in two stages:

  • An interview with the mother you to discuss your impression of the type of preparation and celebration that you want for your daughter
  • A talk with your daughter to know her desires and fulfill its expectations, according to her age and maturity, it can only be a simple afternoon tea  with friends or a small ritual marking the event (poems, songs, games …).


Circles of Moon

Circles of Moon during the Full Moon

These circles of women are offered to women wishing to open the sacredness of their menstrual cycle, (re) connect with our female cycle, the cycle of the moon, Our « moons » with THE moon.

For those of us link with the phase the moon, the full moon is usually our ovulation. This is a good time to open to the world and our creativity.

Talking, sharing, rituals, readings, singing, making symbolic objects, all in an intimate and sealed with our promise of confidentiality.

This circle is offered every month at every full moon, from 20h to 22h30.

During the New Moon

These circles have a focus on introspection. Indeed, if you are connected with the moon, you will be menstruating and feel more intuitively. This circle will aim to share this internalization.

This circle is offered every month at each New Moon, from 20h to 22h30.

Moon circles will take place in the Red Tent unless otherwise indicated.


Red Tents

The « Red Tents » are circles of women taking place in a rather intimate atmosphere.

The Red Tent is a reference to an ancient tradition of women gathering in a place that is dedicated to celebrate the great events of the sexual life of a woman: puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause etc. Found around the world these traditions and celebrations enable transmission between women. The purpose of the Red Tent is to recreate this modern transmission from woman to woman in a place that invites you to share our lives.

Rules for the functioning of a Red Tent:

Confidentiality must be present to allow speaking in a totally secure

The speaking is not mandatory and silence must be respected. Sometimes what a woman needs is to listen and not to be heard.

It is not a forum for discussion and advices are not allowed. In fact, in everyday life, when a woman near us is in distress or offers his problematic, it is impossible not to help her by offering our listening, but also our experience and advice. This may indeed be very useful, but it is not the purpose of a red tent. The Red Tent gives us the opportunity to speak and be listening with respect and total freedom.

Love and light, Marie


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